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What is a Miter Gear

Helical gear has lateral force on the opposite shaft. In order to eliminate this force, a gear is made into a helical gear with opposite symmetrical direction to eliminate this force. It looks like a personal word, or double hydraulic gear. Herringbone gear has the advantages of high coincidence, small axial load, high bearing capacity and stable operation.

The herringbone gear frame is used to transmit the torque of the main motor or motor group to the roll. The machining of herringbone gear is more complex, which can be processed by generating method, but hobbing method can not process all herringbone gears, and milling method is more common.

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Miter Bevel Gear

Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Construction works
Tooth Profile:HELICAL GEAR
Direction:LEFT HAND

Spiral Miter Bevel Gear

Applicable Industries:Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Retail
After Warranty Service:Online support

Angular Miter Gear

Warranty:6 months
Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant
After Warranty Service:Online support
Local Service Location:None

What Are Miter Gears Used For?

Miter gears are a type of bevel gear. It is used to change the direction of motion in an axis. They can be used in various applications. Miter gear uses range from cars to weight scales.
Bevel gears consist of two or more identical gears cut at an angle. Each bevel gear is designed to have the same number of teeth and dimensions.
Typically, these bevel and miter gears are used to transmit motion. Depending on the application, the material of the gears may vary. Bevel gears are commonly used in various vehicles and industrial machinery.
There are two main types of mitered gears. These include straight and spiral. Spur gears are suitable for low-speed applications, while helical gears are more suitable for high-speed applications.
In most cases, a pair of mitered gears have a 1:1 ratio. Therefore, they are ideal for force transmission. However, they can also be used in differential arrangements. This involves transferring power from one shaft to another, rotating at a different speed.

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Advantages of miter gear

1. The herringbone gear has high coincidence, and at least two teeth mesh at any time.

2. The meshing process between the teeth of herringbone cylindrical gear is an excessive process, and the stress on the teeth is gradually from small to large, and then from large to small; herringbone gear has high bearing capacity and works smoothly

3. In the theory of herringbone teeth, there is no or very small axial force due to the opposite direction of the helical angle of the teeth in the symmetrical direction

Disadvantages of Herringbone Gear

1. A very obvious disadvantage of herringbone gear is that it is difficult to process. Herringbone gear can not be processed by conventional gear shaping and hobbing methods
2. If you want to make more precise herringbone gear, the cost is so expensive that it can only be used in heavy equipment.

Application of Herringbone Gear

For heavy duty gear, such as herringbone gear. The herringbone gear can also be used to make pumps, and the gearbox of marine propeller can also be used for herringbone gear. Have you noticed that the bicycle logo of a French brand is a bit like a herringbone gear? Yes, herringbone gear was used in bicycle transmission in the early days.

Structure Classification

“Gear teeth:For short, the tooth is the convex part of each gear used for meshing. These convex parts are generally arranged radially. The teeth on the pair gear contact each other, which can make the gear continuously meshing.”

“Alveolar:It is the space between two adjacent teeth on the gear; the end face is the plane on the cylindrical gear or worm, which is perpendicular to the axis of the gear or worm.”

“End face: it is the plane of both ends of the gear.Normal surface: refers to the plane perpendicular to the tooth line.Addendum circle: refers to the circle where the top of the tooth is located.”